My Work

My Work

Academic Experience

I’ve been in academia for most of my life. In private education from high school to law school, I have been fortunate enough to work and study closely with a number of institutions.

Academic Affiliations

Harvard University (College and HBS)
Oxford University
Cambridge University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Yale University
Stanford University
Georgetown University
The University of Sydney
Northwestern University (Kellogg)
Northeastern University
Duke University (Fuqua)
Humboldt University
Ritsumeikan University
Lake Forest College

Fields of Study

Emerging Technology & International Relations
Financial Regulation
Media & Defamation Law
Computational Law
Foreign Dimplomacy & Global Negotiation
Python3 & Blockchain Ecosystems
Public Policy & Humane Technology
Law & Artificial Intelligence
Civic Engagement & Social Good
Hedge Funds & Private Equity Law
Business Leadership
Jurisprudence and Judicial Decisions
Japanese Law
Asian Studies, Int’l Relations & Economics

Consulting Experience

Formal education will make you a living, self-education will make you a fortune (financially and mentally). Outside of classes and traditional academics, I have built offerings for and advised various companies, clients, and firms across several industries.
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Advising the world’s largest DAO marketplace of 1000+ DAOs (backed by Mark Cuban Companies) on corporate strategy, acquisitions, external partnerships and compliance/regulatory implications
Developing brand equity for over 200 verified DAOs whilst advising a governance token directory, exchange, voting site, and announcement aggregator, managing $10B+ AUM
Co-founding, building, and advising a leading MedTech DAO centered around affordable insulin production for diabetics: designing tokenomics and issuances for governance rights, partnering with non-profits, insulin producers and manufacturers and regulators at the FDA to solve a global problem
Co-founding a long/short hedge fund focused on ETH L2 blockchains, DeFi and new high-tech crypto protocols and technologies (MoveVM) enabling smart contract interoperability
Driving all Web3 expansion and development for the world’s first hack-proof debit card product with 10% instant cash back on all purchases – overseeing complementary NFT roadmap design, ICO sales and payment verticals
Consulting a notable Hong-Kong based P2E blockchain video game conglomerate on Apple App Store and Google Play Store rules surrounding NFT minting of digital land and cryptocurrency token sales through in-app purchases
Future-proofing companies in the public and private sectors across the United States and Australia by integrating artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies into their existing workflows
Building and launching a decentralized reserve currency network on the Cronos blockchain through infrastructure, appealing to an average user base of 10 million people
Driving 9,000+ active investors (procured in less than two weeks) towards an initial token offering, with a starting market capitalization of $1.1M and over $500,000 in locked pre-sale capital
Researching regulatory perspectives surrounding tokenomics (the economics of token creation and treasury-building mechanics) and taxable event classification to ensure proper compliance
Furthering financial literacy and education about decentralized currency reserve protocols across both Gen-Z and millennial generations through webinars, AMAs, and course curriculum design
Securing prime placement for a viral marketing campaign for our token, in Times Square through New Year's Eve in 2021, utilizing targeted physical and digital marketing to ~ 34M+ viewers

Entertainment & Media

Managing a client base comprised of 12 international artists, brands, and entertainment agencies to provide consulting and brand management services; key brands include but are not limited to Meta (formerly Facebook), New Balance, Adidas, Spotify and JoyRich China
Directing event planning for the 2021 KickzFest arts and music festival which included securing the venue while managing relationships with multiple vendors; booked major artists including Petey Pablo, Smoke Purpp, Yungeen Ace and Flipp Dinero for an audience of 2,500 people
Securing a long-term partnership with Red Bull to secure funding for future events, including a 2022 festival in West Africa
Negotiating contractual terms and conditions with media agencies on behalf of artists Bub Styles and Yelawolf; securing 1,000,000 streams across digital streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Tidal
Creating and launching NFT (non-fungible token) offerings for artists to promote their music, facilitating dream experiences for fans to own a piece of music history through cryptocurrency auctions on OpenSea and the Ethereum network

External Partnerships

Partnering with a leading Metaverse insurance technology company that focuses on NFT insurance products, digital and virtual land insurance products, and underwriting offerings on virtual real estate encompassing 7 years in development
Partnering with a 3D/VR/AR/XR Metaverse company for 3D modeling, CGI, and Metaverse related installations for Marvel (Iron Man, Avengers series) and Netflix, Snapchat related installations, predominantly geared towards real-world and Hollywood level film work
Partnering with and advising clients of an NFT and IP-focused Miami law firm by providing Web3 consulting services to some of the largest brands in the world in the fashion, media and film, arts, and entertainment space

Corporate Experience

I also have a wealth of traditional career experience at a number of companies, both large and small across a wide range of issue areas.
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Gordon Law Group - 2022

Crypto Tax Analyst
Reconciling over $100M worth of cryptocurrency transactions for individuals and businesses, reducing client short and long-term capital gains tax estimations by hundreds of thousands of dollars
Analyzing cryptocurrency transactions for 55+ clients to identify taxable events and proper transaction reporting after blockchain data analysis, including NFTs and Defi
Conducting legal research and memo drafting surrounding emerging cryptocurrency regulations, including the classification of staking rewards as income for high-net-worth clients (10M+ per client)

Sidley Austin LLP - 2021

Marketing Operations & Data Specialist
Entered 3000+ records into LexTrack (firm-wide award tracking software), to monitor practice and individual lawyer rankings for ~2000 lawyers
Onboarded 50+ new hires into the marketing department using 7 role-based marketing curriculums and 23-course offerings
Conducted outreach to key legal marketing publications in major US markets including New York and California, including Legal500, Chambers and Partners, Crain's Chicago Business, Global Arbitration Review, and LMG Life Sciences
Liaised with hiring managers and all new hires to track onboarding progress in the marketing department through bi-weekly transcript reports for enrollments, withdrawals, and cancellations

Harvard University - 2021

Scholar Emerging Technologies
Furthered the role that artificial intelligence plays in international diplomacy and worldwide security through research contributions with executives at McKinsey, Alibaba, and Apple
Advised on the global policy implications and economic tensions of COVID-19 vaccine creation alongside the World Health Organization and the US COVID-19 Federal Advisory Board
Discovered how artificial intelligence can drive social change by closing economic disparities between countries in partnership with Google Research India and Harvard University
Facilitated discussions about global fintech issues with the International Monetary Fund and the founder of Ethereum cryptocurrency

Sydney Law School - 2020

Researcher, AI & Data Sharing
Researched and developed legislative reform submissions on data sharing, release and privacy to the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet of the Australian Government
Created frameworks for the successful integration of artificial intelligence into Australian Commonwealth privacy policy, ensuring both consumer and private sector data remain obfuscated under the Consumer Data Right, a joint effort between the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and Office of the Australian Information Commissioner
Student Editor
Edited and proofread Chapter 10: Methods and Warfare by Nils Melzer (United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture) and Gloria Gaggioli (Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law) in The Oxford Guide to International Humanitarian Law with Professors Ben Saul (Chair of Australian Studies at Harvard Law School) and Dapo Akande (Oxford Institute for Ethics, Law and Armed Conflict)
Engaged and led key academic and editorial staff through biweekly meetings to ensure project checkpoints were fulfilled, and research objectives were consistently refined for accuracy and scope
Discussed and resolved queries with the Challis Chair of International Law at Sydney Law School
Finalized and published the textbook in May 2020 with the Oxford University Press, the world's largest university press, established in 1478

Westpac - 2020

Artificial Intelligence Consultant
Created a loyalty network solution and corresponding rewards token for Westpac using blockchain and ETH protocols with AI to incentivize customer behavior
Improved customer financial literacy and drove higher procurement and retention rates while enhancing the overall experience in the Westpac Live app on iOS and Android

Sidley Austin LLP - 2017

Business Development & Marketing Coordinator, Corporate M&A, Private Equity
Created an internal client feedback system that was adopted firm-wide to gauge client satisfaction
Led development efforts for a document organization system through iManage DeskSite and InterAction of over 200 pitches in a client-ready format
Assisted Business Development Directors for the Corporate, Global Finance, and Litigation Portfolios on over 50 RFPs and 30 RFIs across 21 practice areas
Created 20+ directory submissions to both Legal500 and Chambers and Partners
Assisted with internal special client relations projects for Sidley’s marketing department

Non Profit Work

I usually try to blend my passions, professional work, and consulting towards a path to service. Giving back, educating, and developing people, place, and progress for a number of specialized communities around the world is a guiding force in my life.
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Stanford University CodeX Center

Position: Affiliate, Blockchain Group
Researching and publishing informed perspectives around the blockchain ecosystem and the development of computational law — the branch of legal informatics concerned with the automation and mechanization of legal analysis
Analyzing legal issues and opportunities presented by blockchain technologies and their intersection with existing legal frameworks
Developing smart contracts, governance and compliance for token ecosystems and Initial Coin Offerings
Creating regulatory frameworks and ethical standards
Fostering an inclusive, neutral forum for regulators and policymakers to convene with academics, legal professionals, and technologists across Stanford University and the wider blockchain community

All Tech is Human

Position: Contributing Editor
Building the Responsible Tech pipeline by distilling insights from 75+ interviews with 200+ leading individuals in AI and tech ethics into published reports on Responsible Tech, the Business Case for AI Ethics, and Improving Social Media
Connecting 1000+ diverse individuals globally across civil society, government, and media through a Slack group focused on solving the biggest issues in tech development
Contributing to ethical tech summits and a monthly live stream series with theBridge with key changemakers including Timnit Gebru, Safiya Noble, and Dipayan Ghosh, among many others

Infer Public

Position: Artificial Intelligence & Policy Forecaster

The World Economic Forum

Position: Global Shaper
Attending the Davos Agenda 2021, shaping greater stakeholder capitalism across academia, business, civil society, and government while informing the Forum’s 25M social media followers on key issues shaping the year ahead
Building an educational workshop series for 50+ international technology leaders at the World Bank on policymaking considerations for artificial intelligence in the MENA region
Maintaining proactive conversations with global industry leaders, and fostering stakeholder inclusion through active feedback, ensuring high engagement and participation rates in projects and events
Founding the Shapers AI Lab Working Group for Responsible AI, advocating for accountability in algorithmic design
Developing AI and technology projects across the Middle East, Latin America, Europe, and North America in correspondence with the Forum's Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution


Below is a selection of my published work:
Shah, Arsh, Frameworks for Improving AI Explainability Using Accountability Through Regulation and Design (May 27, 2020). Available at SSRN:
Shah, Arsh, Rise of the Machines? Not Quite - The Viability of Traditional Legal Principles in a Tech-Focused World (April 27, 2020). Available at SSRN:
Shah, Arsh, China’s New Global Order: Foundations for the Future of the World Economy (December 22, 2015). Available at SSRN:
Shah, Arsh, The Reduction of Medical Waste Through Value-Based Care Organizations: Solutions for Unnecessary Spending in United States Healthcare (August 21, 2015). Available at SSRN:



Limited working proficiency in Mandarin, Elementary proficiency in Gujarati & Italian


AUSTLII, Blockchain Policy, Chambers and Partners Submissions, Directory Management, Drafting, Legal500 Submissions, Legal Research, Lexis Advance, InterAction, Pitch Creation, Regulatory Policy, ReutersLink, RelSci, RFP/RFI Response Creation, Venture Capital, Westlaw


Adobe Creative Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Blockchain Applications, Bloomberg Terminal, Cornerstone, CSS, Ghost, Foundation Software, Handshake Protocol (HNS), HTML5, iManage, Jupiter Notebooks, LexTrack, MailChimp, Microsoft Office, NGPVan, Oracle, Python, Prezi, Salesforce, SEO Management, Squarespace, Salesforce, SEO Management, Squarespace, TradingView, Wix, WordPress, Zoho CRM

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