Arsh’s Deals

Hi there, this is my current list of traditional and Web3 deal flow:

Current Opportunities

UK Bond Arbitrage

Relationship with Head of Trading at UK FCA Asset Manager (20 years experience), selling oversubscribed Debt Instrument Bonds to established counter party network, holding for less than 24 hours.
Net 5% ROI per month $20M capital ceiling 12 month lockup period $100k minimum ticket size Requires NDA signing. Following the signing of the NDA, you will receive a 9 page PDF detailing the strategy. If qualified interest, I’m more than happy to facilitate an intro with my contact in the UK and the trader, full disclosure, DD, and associated parties.

Vision Games ($500m Gaming Studio Holding Co. Fund)

Direct to Alex Milevsky - Forbes 30 under 30
'Alex is launching an investment holding focused on acquisitions and roll-up of gaming studios with ambitions to go for the global gaming market which is $200bn+ and build a $5 billion company. He's got an experienced team with a track record in gaming acquisitions and investments united by a vision to build a leading gaming company for 3 billion global gamers. They leverage game studios into one cost-effective entity with the economy of scale and help them to take advantage of open economy web3 gaming – it leads to up to 5x growth in the valuation of studios acquired. They are targeting raising up to $500 million for this roll-up and already have over 50 gaming studios in their pipeline.
They are looking for value-added partners and have received significant investor interest, from several asset management groups and web3 sector investors, so likely this will close fast.'
150M from UAE investors in the pipeline already.

SunLabs (DeFi)

DeFi Swiss(regulated) RoboAdvisor ($10m AUM already)
Strategy has outperformed market by multiples - Quant Computer Science Founder Alex has been developing apps on IOS since 2011
$2.5m raise for 20% equity


DeFi M&A Marketplace for Crypto businesses and websites, also including fractionalised NFT ownership of Hard Assets e.g. crowdfunding via NFT shares to own and receive yield from a commercial real estate asset.
$5m raise circa $2.5m left
Impressive team - I know the CTO Nas (crypto OG former professional esports)
• -Strategic web3 acquisitions
• -SME acquisition marketplace (40 companies for sale)
• -Retail investor Acquisition pools for RWA and other types of acquisitions
• -Platform and TGE on schedule for Sept 2022
• -Projects for sale: 40
• -Registered buyers: 53
• -Partnerships: 22
• -Referrers: 14
• -Acquire Pool options: 8
• -Organic community members: 5000+
The World's FIRST M&A Marketplace for Crypto, Blockchain and Web3 companies and IP. Ushering in a new era of M&A by introducing crowdfunded acquisitions and fractionalized ownership through NFTization, plus a fully-decentralized acquisitions ecosystem based on smart contracts.
Token Utility-
B2B clients: Broker rights, escrow discounts, staking rewards, listing unlocks, and 1st right of refusal of deals before they go public.
Retail Investor: Membership token which grants access to the tiered-based allocation of investment pools for companies, real estate, speculative luxury, etc., as well as staking rewards, LP rewards, Listing unlocks, etc

MetaLordz (Gaming P2E NFT)

Direct to Dan Bronstein (TradFi professional)
As promised, I'm happy to attach our deck and a link to some gameplay footage from our game:
I'm delighted to say that we're at over 100 users, including e-sports pros, having come through the door to play our game to date. It's getting universally positive feedback from gamers around the world, including at guilds in Turkey, Brazil, and elsewhere where this genre of game is very popular.
We would be very happy to set up a dedicated gameplay session for you guys or any interested parties (Windows PC required for the time being), so you can see what we've built, and also meet more of the team.
Raising a $3-4m seed right now, with approx $700k committed. We're offering a 20% discount to the round for investors coming in at the moment, and the valuation for the company and the portion of the token being marketed (together) is capped in the range of $20-40m.

Metavest (Gaming VC Fundraise)

Metavest Capital is a balance of innovation, deep industry knowledge and risk aversion which invests into heavily vetted web3 projects across the metaverse with a focus on AAA blockchain gaming and interoperable NFT's.
Click here to view Metavest's video presentation on the future of gaming (considered one of the strongest of the Davos conference). 3.2B Gamers worldwide, of which currently only 1% are playing Blockchain games. This equates to a $5B USD industry which is growing daily and expected to reach $50B by 2025. Players will ultimately favour games where they can generate economic value from their expertise. All they need are games that can compete in enjoyability to the current masterpieces of web2 gaming. Metavest has the inside track on what is coming and believes strongly that this disruption is very close and when it arrives a landslide of investment will follow. Naturally there is volatility in this sector which is another area where we outperform others in the space, as Metavest gets tier 1 VC access to deal flow but remains small enough to de-risk quickly.
Utilizing an established and growing reputation as agile, supportive, and personable, Metavest is considered by many web3 projects as a strategic partner/incubator and as such receive unique opportunities frequently. This runs parallel to our aggressive proactive approach with a team of dedicated gaming experts that inhabit all relevant online forums and networks to uncover hidden potential.
Track record:
Metavest has been able to recover over 50% of our principal investment within 12 weeks, 36% at initial launch, whilst still maintaining a position for long-term gains. With this approach, Metavest has achieved an average of 3X return across 25+ launched Metaverse projects (between July 2021 and 30th July 2022).
Splinterlands ROI 1264.22% (100% liquidated)
Sidus ROI 273.68% (24.78% liquidated)
Dreams Quest ROI 1202.64% (36.68% liquidated)
Our Raise:
For the 2022 fund, we have just begun raising $20M USD to capitalize on the incredible opportunities this current bear market is offering. See links below to some recent press that supports this argument:
Here is the full deck and data room which offers detailed information on the structure of the fund, the DD process for approving projects we invest into, our security measures to safeguard our investments and what makes us unique in this space.
The fund officially opened for investment on 1st September and we have hard commits of $3M from our existing network and will be taking a minimum of 1% exposure personally in the fund. Ubisoft, Banter, Master Ventures, Andromeda and Myria are all involved as partners and we are actively utilizing this network to facilitate conversations with other major game studios including Sony, Square Enix and Capcom. Our first close at $5M is forecast for 15th October. Overall this is a $30M genesis fund.

Clarity / Clear Contracts *PRE-SEED CLOSED*

In direct with Logan, Founder.
As discussed we have 145k left to raise in our pre-seed round out of 300k. This does not include the 110k we have been granted by the Cardano ecosystem. We also have about 200k worth of proposals in the next round of funding for Cardano so we will see how the community votes.
We are positioned very well to dominate the Cardano DAO infrastructure market. I am including a few resources and blurbs below so you can learn more about what we are up to and why we are the guys to bet on.
Pitch I gave at the Google Headquarters in Zurich: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zNYmHl1iJow
A link to all of our current grant applications: https://linktr.ee/clarityprotocol

BlockChain-Ads (Cookies of Web3)

BlockChain-Ads (Commercial/Utility)
Direct to Vlad, marketing agency owner - great guy.
We opened the Seed round in Sep - will be closed asap :) (no exact date but looking to close fast, as this is a small round.)
(seed round angel investors and smaller VC - smaller group of people that would be closely involved - join the ride :)
(the private round - strategic - institutional investors - credibility and their brand to support the launch.) - will be open after the seed
We are not actively onboarding clients - as focusing on development and the product side
Exception is if it comes from an important relationship or if it's a big campaign.
https://blockchain-ads.com/introduction.pdf A One-Pager for your reference.

North Node Capital ($150m Crypto Trading / VC Fundraise)

$150M Web3 and Crypto Trading Fund
Direct to Ana and Phillip (GC, Harvard Law), one of the Founders of North Node Capital.
They are a team of ex-investment bankers and have Pentoshi (anonymous public figure on Twitter @Pentosh1) as their CIO.

Ontropy (Gaming/Casino Randomity Future Industry Standard)

Ontropy.io *Yale Startup - Unique proposition* (Gaming/Infra)
Decentralised and secure, low cost, unexploitable random number generator which will solve the perceptions of games or casinos being rigged - bringing players self verifiable real time on-chain randomness to ensure trust and increased playtime/spend.The founder is dropping out of Yale this semester to continue building Ontropy.io, a random number generator for web3 allowing users to verify the fairness of their game. Their team of international math and CS olympiads created their proprietary tech that is 60% cheaper than ChainLink and can support 2+ player games through private randomness, collision detection, and fault tolerance (solving the rage quit problem).They’ve already added paying customers to their beta and have a waitlist, received a grant from Polygon and Near to become their default VRF, and received hard commits from the likes of Franklin Templeton and Yale Startup Index Fund.They’ve just opened their $2-$3M pre-seed round mid September, in order to scale up their delivery capabilities and develop SDK so customers can integrate the tech themselves. Ontropy are currently going into customers' source code. They have XR Casino and both Web2 and Web3 prospects on their waitlist.Deck: https://docsend.com/view/7afqyib9p3qj8iygData room: https://docsend.com/view/twgj4fyy6ba53u2t

Copiosa (CeFi/DeFi)

Direct with the Founding team.
New exchange app with big focus on security of projects, reducing scams with wallet protections and easy to use UI/UX so that it simplifies the experience to facilitate wider adoption. Going to provide proper actual customer service unlike many other CEX's. $100m+ in trading volume, 160k+ transactons, over $350k in revenue in beta testing of iOS app.
Raising ÂŁ1m

Zappy.io (GameFi/EduTech/P2E+)

Gen Z education on Web3, Data and privacy, via Play, Watch and Create 2Earn, including NFTs and market research where users are educated and able to sell their market research responses to brands via Zappy. Excellent visuals, excellent ethos, commercial brand market research potential and an experienced team. Looking for value-add VC partners.
One Pager: ZAPPY - One Pager 2.6
Whitepaper: Zappy Whitepaper
VC Pitchdeck ZAPPY - Pitch Deck 2.1

Prasaga (Infra)

Prasaga is the first blockchain where the root of the actual blockchain itself sits on the network. It’s similar to as if Python was a working code that lived on the internet.  No blockchain knowledge is required to code on Prasaga.  Nothing like this currently exists.
Prasaga is scalable up to the speed of the internet and replaces smart contracts with smart objects meaning parallel transactions can run across multiple shards using Distributed Proof of Work.
Prasaga has been endorsed by Hester Peirce, the SEC commissioner. Prasaga is the TSA Pre-check for the regulatory use of Blockchain.
They have a working demo created on Hyperledger for the automotive supply industry. 40+ projects building on SagaChain so far & will grow fast
️ Token Metrics:
Raising 21m, 6m filled.
The effective stroke price with bonus and yield is .0028 ($0.1 + 50% bonus + APY) (431m FDV)
(previous friends & family round in 2021 was $0.004 effectively)
Requirement of this private sale is that you run a Validator Node
You can run the node yourself OR work with Prasaga's partners who can run the node for you.
Min Investment: $100k
Soon they will also open up a special purpose vehicle so traditional VCs can invest as well.
Mainnet & Token launch in Q1 2023 if I remember correctly
Super Experienced Team:
Michael Holdmann, CEO - An IoT and Smart Cities global industry thought leader who believes the solution to the root of our problems is to decentralize networks to ensure the citizen is in power, not large corporations. He has been involved in telecom, networking, and software development.
David Beberman, CTO - In 30+ years of hardware design and software engineering has developed 50+ network protocols for the high-speed Internet IP stack. Protocols include Layer 2 Tunneling Protocols (L2TP), RADIUS, TACACS, VLAN Switching, OSPF and BGP. The Father of “NAT/PAT” (Network Address Translation and Port Address Translation) and solved key internet network collision issues.
Jay Moore, CMO - An entrepreneur, human connector, and 25+ years veteran of the gaming industry. Jay’s time spent in companies developing game engines cultivated his understanding of the importance of ease of use. He is inspired by the possibility of a future organized around blockchain, AI and an economy based on reaching our full human potential.
Executive team with over 30+ years in technology development, data communications, branding, manufacturing and health services.
Partners include: Accenture, Bosch, Dellemc, Deloitte, PWC, Honeywell, IBM, SAP and more..

ShopX (Commercial/Utility)

Working Product & Generating Revenue:
ReserveX creates a Web3 sales channel by creating token-gated product experiences that reward loyal customers with exclusive access to products and perks.
Signed Brands include:
Mr Beast, Fox Studios, Vayner Sports & Vayner3, HBO Max, Deloitte, American Red Cross, Reebok, Levi's, Rolex and 160 more, ~3200 brands are showing a strong interest in working with SHOPX
Strategic Partners:
Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Salesforce, Starkware
Token (License) Metrics:
Price per SHOPX License: $0.038 (19m FDV)
Raising $4m, 250k filled
Upcoming listings: Coinbase (final stages)
Cyrus Taghehchian (Co-Founder)
Serial entrepreneur with 2 successful exits generating over $300M in returns, Deloitte Consulting Alum (Digital Marketing and E-commerce Technology), Pioneered and minted first E-commerce NFT in 2017, Previous Speaker at WBS Dubai, ETH Denver, NFT NYC, DIFC Summit Dubai, ETH Magician contributor for Ethereum off-chain governance topics, Entrepreneurs Magazines top entrepreneurs under 40 award in 2018
TJ Chang (Co-Founder)
Merrill Lynch and Equinox Corporate Alum, 8x founder with 10+ years experience in bringing startups to market, Policy Influencer encouraging the adoption of blockchain technology
helping Tennessee become the second state to recognize and allow the LLC registration of DAOs
Previous Speaker at Global Ritossa Investment Summit, MavCon, WBS Dubai, and IYUD Freedom Forum, Future 40 under 40: Maverick Pac 2022
Dice (CTO) Previously: Element Group, Commerce IO
Reilly (VP of Web3 Engineering) Previously: Usenet, BTC in 2010
Raymond (Director of Product) Previously: Amazon, Microsoft)
Dennis (CFO) Previously: KPMG, EY
Danielle (Marketing) Previously: Vayner Media
Jordan (VP Sales) Previously: Peloton
(A lot more documentation available upon request: Sale Terms, Financials, Partnerships, Brand Pipeline, Legal)

Swissborg (DeFi)


Radom Network (Pre-Seed Payment Infrastructure)


JedStar Gaming (GameFi/DeFi)

Private Fine Art Sale - T-Rex Skeleton

Price $35M
A previous one sold for $41M due to a slightly higher completion percentage
Comes with full provenance in a data room, IP and 3D scans of the bones, which can be used for an NFT or digital art project.
Option to donate to museum for tax write-off. This move plus monetizing the IP creates an opportunity for profit for the buyer if they have a lot of tax to write off.

Early Stages (in the pipeline)

These are all early stage opportunities not yet ready for immediate investment - will move up into the current section when ready. If anything catches your interest, and you’d like more info, let me know.

Long Established UAE Trading, Shipping, Oil & Gas commodity financing

Established opportunities for financing across 12 UAE entities, that have a long history, well capitalised balance sheets, that have suffered from the generic banking financing credit terms withdrawal.
This provides lucrative opportunities for financing existing commodity contracts and even financing the vessels that are going from A to B on a rolling basis servicing existing profitable contracts.
In the process of establishing a new MFO entity in DIFC to facilitate large capital to participate in lucrative contracts.
Current financing opportunity circ $1B (Structuring and licenses being currently set up now, will update when ready)

Contact Me

Thanks for reading. If anything on this list catches your eye and you’d like more information, please contact me here:
Phone: 248-464-1922 Telegram: @sixadv Email: arsh@arshkshah.com